Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More of a backlogged, digitized manual poem...

Genuinely Lost

Insulation. Distraction. Medication.
Oh–I’m sorry.
Are we not calling it that yet?
We’re waiting for the history books again?
That’s fine. I’ll play along.
Entertainment! Fucking! Fucking attractive entertainment!
Money, envy, money!
Yee-haw! That’s what we’re makin’!

And get this–
It was even easier than it looked.
All we had to do, was look in now’s history books.
They gave us the equation.
Sexy! Attractive! Fucking! Envy!
Insulation! Goddamned insulation!
I’m sorry. I really am this time.
I’ll stop using that word. It’s ugly. It offends.
How arrogant do I think I am?
Who am I to refute the newest craze?
It is a craze, after all, hop on Dylan–hop the fuck on!

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